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Author Visits

I offer in-person and virtual visits to schools, libraries, book clubs, festivals, and conferences for educators, librarians, and writers. I love connecting with readers and fellow writers! If you are interested in scheduling a visit, fill out this contact form to get the process started!

School Visits:

Free classroom visit (45-minute reading and Q&A):
I offer free 45-minute virtual visits on the video conferencing platform of your choice! In this visit I'll talk briefly about how I became a published author, how books are made, and answer questions from your students. I also offer these visit's free for in-person classes that have read my book as well. Teachers, please reach out with dates that work for you and any other topics I can discuss to help work with your curriculum!

Free book club visit (30-minute reading and Q&A):
I offer free 30-minute virtual visits for book clubs (children or adults!) who have read one of my books. In the call I will introduce myself, read a short selection, and perhaps give a sneak peak of the next book! I will also answer any questions from the book club members. Book clubs, please reach out with a few possible dates that work for you!

Author Presentation-

Brain to Bookshelf: How A Book is Made:
In this engaging and interactive presentation, Sarah answers all the questions she gets most about writing a book and becoming an author. Questions like: Where do ideas come from? How does a book get published? What about the book covers? Using specific stories (and pictures!) from Sarah’s own journey, this presentation teaches students about the writing process, revision, and creating books. Students leave with two important overall ideas: everyone is talented enough to write if they have the grit and determination to stick with it, and nobody else can tell the story YOU can tell. 

Writing Workshops-

Revision and Poetic Prose: Revising your work for solid structure and sparkling sentences

Character and Voice: Making your characters sing!

Setting and Worldbuilding: Where's your story?

Plot and Structure: Processes and Promises

             *Presentations and workshops can be virtual or in-person. I am located in Orlando 
and easily accessible to Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee areas as well. (Further travel also an option!) If there are additional subjects or topics you're interested in hearing about, let's discuss! Please reach out for additional information, and please see the resources page for additional material you can use in your classroom!

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