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About Me


Award-winning writer of quirky, earnest,                 neurodiverse/disabled misfits.


Sarah Allen is the award-winning author of WHAT STARS ARE MADE OF, BREATHING UNDERWATERTHE NIGHTMARE HOUSE, and the forthcoming MONSTER TREE (out Sept. 3!

Sarah's books are filled with quirky, neurodiverse characters, STEAM elements, and a sense of finding Joy in the weirdest and most unlikely of places. Her books have been Jr. Library Guild selections, Whitney Award winners, A Mighty Girl Best Of pick, and state award winners. Sarah regularly teaches at writing conferences and presents at schools across the country. She lives in Orlando, and signed copies of her books are available from Writer’s Block bookstore

In addition to writing books, Sarah also writes scripts and animated stories for English language learners and children’s articles for magazines like Ranger Rick. She draws silly comics and writes silly songs, and spends her free time snuzzling her two cats (named Timicin and Morticia) and exploring the furthest corners of Walt Disney World. She loves grizzly bears, leather jackets, and anything in caramel. Sign up for her bimonthly newsletter to follow along and get insider interviews with experts and behind-the-scenes stories from the kid lit world!

Fun Facts!

  • I am the oldest of eight kids!

  • My birthday is New Years Eve!

  • Born in Utah, but I've lived in the Bay area, DC, Las Vegas, Iowa, Missouri, Hawaii, Seattle, and now Florida!

  • Firm believer that Colin Firth is the epitome of manhood.

  • Broadway nerd! Favorites are Les Miserables, Ragtime, and the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

  • Obsessed with traveling, David Attenborough documentaries, and the TV show M*A*S*H*

  • Favorite animals are grizzly bears, golden retreivers, and gorillas!

  • Favorite word: Chimerical.

  • Slytherpuff, Airbender, E/INFJ.

  • Like Libby, I was born with Turner syndrome and I've got a scar across my left side from infant heart surgery.

  • I'm a vegetarian!

  • I think you are a star, and God's most perfect creation, just the way you are!

Write on, friends!



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